See dem as dem dey pose

Dey hala and dey boast.

Dem go ask for wetin you get

And wetin you no fit get:

Insurance, spare tyre, wheel spanner,

seat belt, C-caution, helmet, fire extinguisher,

GPS, tax clearance, kolanut, small thing for the boys….


Now, no be wetin you carry again

Na wetin you wear

Weda e long or e no long

Weda e short or e too short

If e too short na ashe.. be dat

And arrest don start be dat.


All dat na to obtain

And we no fit complain

As di oga we for tell

Fit put us for cell

Becos him fit get share.


If you jam dem for road block

With dia big gun like block

Dem go delay you, slow down your pace

But na one time dem go pick race

If dem see robbers dey come

Abi na BOKO with dia bomb


I hear say dia pay no good

E no reach to buy dem food;

But some say na lie be dat

Come ask say ‘why dem dey fat?’

Some say di tin na greed

Say no be big pay dem need.


Di tin dey make my heart sink

As I no know wetin to think.


© Tonykata 2019

From Random Thoughts: A Collection of Essays and Poems by Tony Ekata





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