Tingly Toes
Swoony head
My mouth dry, resisting your first touch but yielding in ecstasy as you conquer me in a passionate enveloping.

My body gets consumed by a seeming conflagration of undousable fiery heat which makes a mockery of the Abuja sun at its daily peak in dry season. I’m literally burning up with an intense desire which threatens to rip me apart…
Truth is… “all my senses are aroused into waking”!

That’s the moment I need you more than the addictive need of a substance consumer.
I need you because you are good for me unlike the bad romance hooking the addict to their poison.

Why were you created?
You’re just so perfect for me…
When you come into me, I break into sweaty ripples just like the rushing tide breaks the waves into ripples on a beautiful surfing day.

In that moment, I forget everything that ever exists as I surrender to the refreshing energy you drop into me with every snake-like move.
You keep me hooked through it all and the after-memories keep me wondering why I didn’t discover your satiable qualities early in life… well, now you have me and for me, there’s no going back…

There’s however a catch to this budding addiction. It’s our 5 a.m. mating, ignited by your touch in my subconscious which disturbs my morning sleep! Inconvenient as I find it, I love the orgasmic after-effect because my entire system responds with unequalled alertness. My bowel breaks into dances of gratitude which is a huge pay-off when accompanied by materials to be ingested or the gift of a solitary period of meditation in the white house.

Thought of you when you are not near evokes a picture of my fantasy in my hands. All male, without malice or guile, sensual, humorous, answer to my prayers, rock solid yet quite amenable to give and receive, clean beautiful content, satisfying, reliable, odourless, tasteless yet sensitive to my need and always trusted to deliver when it matters the most.

I just ignited how I gulp you in the searing heat just like two monogamous lovers tearing into one another after being away from each other for a long time. The feeling is just too magical. Your first cooling touch of my lips enroute my tongue has me going ballistic with a desire for more… More is just what I draw in for the love and life of ME…

Don’t you just love the romantic passion WATER stirs in me? Each drop from my favourite bottle takes a romantic cascading journey akin to the movement of a snake dancing on while assuaging this damning thirst triggered by the savage sun.

Its effect far surpasses that of any cold frizzy unhealthy drink and its love is so dependably real.
(Wait, who were you thinking this was all about?)

Glory Uzoamaka is a multi-talented journalist at Voice of Nigeria

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