You Forced My Hand

You forced my hand Peter
To revive my latent verse.
This season of Americanomie;
How will it be told?
This land of Liberty
Turning banana Republic
Via the Trumpet of a Don!

Tell Them

Tell them.
But will they learn
That seeds sown today
Bear appropriate fruits tomorrow
That hate can’t beget love?

Ignorance of American nationality is but ignorance still
Before our very eyes, the Statue of Liberty weeps
O’er rusting gold
For its storehouse
Full of invaluable irons.

But good will trump evil yet;
Hope lives still.

I Will Build A Wall

I will build a wall.
They will pay the bill.
Matters not what the Bible says.

Love thy neighbour is just a joke
Though the burger just eaten
Is crafted well by Mexican hands
Head jauntily bears the sombrero hat
Not a drop of hypocrite sweat!

Campaign with caps China made
Stories of jobs exported there; clearing sino-containers all night
Is alright

Accuse still of currency mani-what!?

Tough on crime but loving guns
Sound arcane but Big brother still
Alternative facts assail the eyes
Smells enough like beans-induced fart.

Wanna see a double treat?
Come with me to Capitol Hill.

Wonder where all this will lead?
Demoncratic democracy road!

Austin Isikhuemen is a manufacturing consultant and public affairs analyst

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