We know we’re from different mothers

But why should that matter?

Our fathers fought for your fathers

When strangers became their masters.

From far they sowed their seeds

And watered your tree of freedom.


Have you forgotten so soon

When White locusts swooped on your youths

With munitions meant for men

And painted red the streets of Soweto

With innocent life juice

Like the Nazis did the Jews

And the youths knew not where to go?


Our fathers flew from afar

And took many on metal wings to safety;

Treated them like daughters and sons

Put in their mouths new songs

And in their heads great knowledge

At the risk of the wrath of the greedy masters

Who rolled out sanctions against our fathers

For being their brothers’ keepers.


Didn’t your fathers tell you?

Doesn’t your culture –

That beautiful culture of Ubuntu teach us

That to pay for good with good is good?


If, indeed, we have wronged you

Through omission or commission

And you have tendered your petition

Why should your mission to right the wrong be our perdition?


If now you say we are unwanted

What would you do

With your sisters who are now our daughters and sisters;

With our brothers who have become your sons and brothers;

With your nephews who are now our cousins;

With your cousins who have become our nephews and nieces?


Don’t you see

That you give them cause to rejoice –

They that once took away your joy –

When they see in your hands

Long knives of hate

Threatening to cut asunder

The things that bind us together;

Knowing that together

We ever shall be stronger?


Think again, my brothers!


© Tonykata 2019

From Random Thoughts: A Collection of Essays and Poems by Tony Ekata








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