• Buhari is in London for the 2020 UK-Africa Investment Summit
  • He called for cooperation between the two countries’ crime fighting agencies
  • The Nigerian leader assured the UK PM that things are “a lot better” in the fight against insurgents
  • Johnson congratulated Buhari on job creation through agriculture


Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, has requested the United Kingdom to investigate “Nigerian fugitives” who “escaped to the UK” amid corruption allegations.

Buhari made the request on Monday during a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London.

The two leaders met on the sidelines of the UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020 taking place in the British capital.

The UK is reported to be one of the popular hiding places for Nigerian politicians accused of corruption.

According to presidential spokesman Femi Adesina, Buhari specifically said the cooperation of the United Kingdom is necessary in investigating Nigerians who fled to the country as fugitives.

“On the anti-corruption war, the President said though it was slow but painstaking, the cooperation of the National Crime Agency of UK was still needed, particularly in the investigation of fugitives from Nigeria finding accommodation in the United Kingdom,” Adesina affirmed in a statement.


The Nigerian leader was also said to have told Johnson of the development strides recorded by his administration in various sectors.

He said achievement in agriculture is gradually leading to self-sufficiency in rice and other grains, saving the country billions in foreign exchange.

On the war against insurgency, the president said things were a lot better, “with the disabuse of the minds of the people on the true philosophy of Boko Haram.”

In his remarks, Johnson thanked Buhari for being “a regional leader who gives strong encouragement to the West.”

He congratulated him on jobs being created through agriculture and urged him to do more.

He equally lauded the Nigerian president for what he called the “social and economic benefits” that had accrued to the country since 2015.


Johnson pledged to extend necessary assistance to Nigeria in its war against corruption, through the National Crime Agency.

He pledged to cooperate with Nigeria and other African countries in the inter-basin water transfer, which could solve the Lake Chad problem, and enhance security in the sub-region.

On the Commonwealth Free Trade Area, the prime minister applauded the idea and pledged a careful consideration.

The British prime minister charged the Nigerian leader to keep the nationhood of his country intact, noting that in the future, Nigeria would not just be a continental power but an international power.




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