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It’s obvious Instagram ripped off Snapchat by creating a feature just like snap chat stories but they are not ending there. Legally, there is nothing wrong with this; it’s okay to take someone’s idea and modify it as long as your execution of the idea is totally different .

In my opinion, i thought Mark Zukerberg’s ego was bruised when SnapChat turned down any aquisition from Facebook twice for $1billion and $3billion on different occasions, after cloning the stories feature from SnapChat as instagram stories and adding the feature to whatsapp as well.

The Facebook – owned App is adding a new feature that lets its users save individual posts into collections. Love Sneakers? Or Kanye West? or Vintage photos? Now you can save all your photos to their own folders. This is a Pinterest feature that has been around for a long time.

This is not the first time Instagram has cloned a feature from another social network. SnapChat is originally known for its stories feature. In an interview with  TechCrunch, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, gave full credit to SnapChat. He goes on to say he thinks of stories as a “format”. The timelines feeds on Facebook and hashtags too could pass as “formats”. He concludes by saying “the real innovation is how well you put your own spin on these formats when implementing the same idea”

Facebook’s willingness to prominently place the exact same feature inside all of its Apps doesn’t just speak to the company’s fear of competitors — it also shows that Facebook isn’t concerned with giving each of its core services a unique identity. It’s obvious Instagram is taking the main features of all its competitors and fusing it into its own App. But, either way, Facebook has shown that it likes to stick with what works — and what works is copying competitors, and sometimes copying itself.


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