Mali_ElectionOne month after Nigeria postponed its general elections because of insecurity in the north, Mali has postponed local and regional elections scheduled for next month because insecurity in the country’s north has held up the revision of voter rolls.


  • The election shift is coming two years after French-led operation pushed al Qaeda-linked rebels from towns in the north
  • The shift in election date is coming one year after Nigeria postponed its election by six weeks
  • No precise date was given for the election


The postponement is coming nearly two years after a French-led operation pushed al Qaeda-linked rebels from towns in the north, remnants of Islamist militant and separatist groups continue to launch sporadic attacks in the area.

No precise date

The deployment of a 10,000-strong U.N. peacekeeping mission helped allow presidential elections to go ahead in 2013. The postponement of the local elections is the second time they have been pushed back.

“The postponement of communal and regional elections is confirmed. There’s no precision of the date, but it will be October 25 at the latest,” Alhousseny Toure, a spokesman for the ministry of territorial administration, said late on Thursday.

According to Reuters, the decision was taken following consultations with opposition parties which had lobbied for the delay.

Edging Boko Haram

However, in Nigeria, the election was shifted for six weeks to enable the military dislodge the Boko Haram terrorist group that has carried out series of attacks on communities in the north-east.

A joint military effort is edging the terrorist group out of communities it had taken control of.

Over 30 communities have been reclaimed by the military since they military in Nigeria took delivery of military equipment from Russia and secured the support of troops from Chad, Niger and Cameroon.


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