By Jude Uchella

A SWAGalicious family, courtesy

The term ‘swag’ is obviously not one to define as it is a common expression used by present-day youths. But for the benefit of the microscopic few with little or no idea; swag simply means style or fashionable appearance. You must have heard it while listening to music (local and foreign), radio jingles, entertainment shows or even from a friend; fact is, it is not a subject one chooses to ignore, it is viral. Now that you know what it means, you get swag?

You know that that question has got you examining your wardrobe in your head and that’s good, it shows your brain is active (no offence to those know). But that, really, is not the path to tread. There is another way to interpret that word and in this case it becomes an acronym meaning, Strength and Willingness to Achieve Greatness.

If you noticed, this delineation of swag is in contrast with the idea of the former in that this one is not concerned with outward appearance but an inward resolve to achieve greatness. For easier assimilation, let the term with the original meaning be swag and this new one SWAG. Now Let’s examine both in brief detail.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in making efforts to beautify and stylize your appearance, after all, your appearance is your identity(though on surface level) and if your identity is misrepresented your personality takes the fall. So, deploy a keen eye to your appearance but do so with moderation and not to the detriment of SWAG.

SWAG is that attribute every student should strive for, and when possessed, guarded with jealousy. It underscores your purpose in school and life in general. When all your attention is on swag, SWAG suffers. When you see students with SWAG you know them – they are the ones who attend classes regularly, ask relevant questions, study ahead of class, learn from others, avoid unnecessary outings, frequent the library, etc. They are focused and bent on achieving greatness.

With the aid of the foregoing, you should now be able to set your priorities right(if you had not done so before). Making giant strides to have swag will limit and truncate your vision. But if you are able to balance both swag and SWAG, your future will be ‘swagalicious!’ Can I get an AMEN?

Let us know if you’ve got SWAG…


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