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Enjoy yourself when you have the opportunity to especially if you’re the type with a schedule that does not allow this often.

It is Christmas and a lot of things are happening. You don’t need to wear medicated glasses to notice this. Aside from it being Christmas it’s also a holiday season for students of all levels of education. So you do not have any concrete reason not to have fun.

Well, if your house is as boring as mine(when power is out) you can move out to places that are more fun. Seeing a movie won’t be a bad idea, or going to a beach, or eating out with some friends and so on. Whatever can bring merriment to your heart, do. If not for anything or anyone do it for yourself because you deserve it.

Do you remember what the year has been like: day-in-day-out lectures, numerous assignments to do in a short time, putting up with unfavourable hostel mates, not forgetting the school ambience that exudes a work-hard feeling amongst others? You see, I usually opine that life is to be lived once, and in the words of Dbanj, you’ll be lucky if you get two. Why not enjoy it while you can? You are young, you have the strength..use these to your advantage


I am not oblivious of the fact that there exists a great number of youths who love having fun. In fact, it is what they do all through the year. Let me appeal to them to do so in moderation this season. Even you, who, I believe, is encouraged by my words to have fun, avoid the extremes. They say do not over do or under do, moderation is apt. So as you gulp down that bottle of liquor or soft drink, bite that chocolate, or masticate that turkey, allow moderation have its way. As you make yourself one with the beach water, as you play your favourite sport, as you do what you know you do, let moderation be at the fore of your mind.

You may challenge me, why all these precautions? Shouldn’t I have fun my own way? Well, do not forget that bad things still happen, bad things that can make or mar your holiday.


What will it profit you if all you cloud your mind with is immediate pleasure to the detriment of your school work. I am not saying you should not have fun, I am saying emphatically, STRIKE A BALANCE. This borders more on those getting into their final year. Project lurks and I do not wish you to be caught unawares. So, as you go about having fun, create little time to ponder, plan and prepare for what is to come. After all, it is the future that matters. You have a future, don’t kill it today.


It is paramount that we do not forget that Christmas is about God. No matter your religious affinity take out time to acknowledge this and celebrate God in your own way. Have fun. As for the nerds among us, break free and do something different for once. Enjoy yourselves.. Stay safe!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year in advance!

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