The NewsPlus group is pleased to announce the introduction of EDITORIAL CONFERENCE; a virtual platform for editors, reporters, producers, bloggers, students and communication enthusiasts who are interested in improving/refreshing their usage of the English Language.

Nowadays, news reports (print, electronic and new media) are littered with ‘common mistakes in English’ either out of ignorance, recklessness, ‘oversight’, or simply the bandwagon effect of adopting variants of the language considered ‘generally acceptable’ even if not correct.


The approach is to scour various media platforms for erroneous usages and discuss/analyse/apply them in practical contexts with a view to establishing their correct forms. Exercises will be given on each ‘lesson’ for practice purposes.


Some media/language veterans have kindly consented to facilitate the forum by availing interested participants of their knowledge and invaluable experience. We shall get to ‘meet’ the facilitators through their interventions as we proceed.


Let it be stated upfront that English Language is the language of the English people. There is no claim here to expertise in the language. It is our conviction that everyone on the platform stands to learn something. Therefore, constructive contributions, observations, suggestions and interventions would be taken in good faith and with sincere appreciation.


This is a free service. Interested participants should send a mail with the subject SIGN UP and message INTERESTED IN EDITORIAL CONFERENCE to Please, note that any useful material/information/personal feedback shall be conveyed to participants via their SIGN-UP email addresses.

Exercise 1

Sadly, the days of people using proper English are went.
What is wrong with the sentence above and why?
‘See’ you at the conference and let’s have some fun while at it!



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