Dis Lagos get as e be:

Di tins my eyes dey see

Deep pass Atlantic sea

Gunmen dey give us horror

Go slow dey give us sorrow

Rumours dey fly like wizard

Lizards dey fight for gizzard

Workers dey trade like hawkers

Hawkers dey dress like workers

Police dey shine eyes for bribe

Husband dey blow lies for wife

Actor dey turn musician

Musician turn beautician

LASTMA dey form road fine

Churches dey turn gold mine

Mosquito dey blow whistle for night

Watchman dey fight thief for dream

Night joint dey spring up everywhere

Bad boys dey smoke joint anywhere

Everybody dey rush-rush everyday

Everyday still be like any day

Dem say na mega city

And maga full di city


And me I dey my corner

I just dey ponder

Just dey wonder:

Dis Lagos sef get as e be!


© Tonykata 2011

From Random Thoughts: A Collection of Essays and Poems by Tony Ekata

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