Boko Haram members.We have been in it for so long that we have become gradually used to news of their attacks. The Boko Haram.

The ceasefire agreement reached by the Nigerian government with the Boko Haram sect on Friday, October 17, has left me wondering what the insurgency (war) was actually for?

Is it to promote a man’s selfish interest, kill and maim people that are innocent or just a means to an end? I cannot guess better than you.

Like the proverbial thief, they come unannounced, maim, kill and destroy; with their bombs, they came like enemies of the state, claiming they want an Islamic State and an end to western education.

But what do they really want?

For over six years, Nigeria’s north-east has been boiling, the terrorist group, Boko Haram, held the area to ransom and the military could not contain the insurgency.

Either because of lack of arms and motivation, as pointed out by the Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, or because of lack of the political will to prosecute a full counter-terrorism operation. Both are lacking for me, but for a purpose. Someone took advantage of the sanction on arms procurement that was placed on Nigeria by the world power. This same sanction led to the seizure of arms deal money by South African authorities.

What leaves most Nigerians wondering is; Is it the same military that has been commended for their peacekeeping efforts that has not been able to take out a group of insurgents?

They (Boko Haram) are not fighting a guerrilla  war they claimed. But the insurgents in Mali that Nigeria assisted in chasing out, were they fighting a guerrila war?

A few months ago, the Boko Haram sect took over some towns and territories and declared Islamic caliphate in a town, Gwoza, a replica of what the Islamic State (ISIS) did in some parts of Iraq and Syria in July. They shifted from bombing to trying to take over towns.

The leader of the sect, Abubakar Shekau, who I strongly believe has been using the members to push ‘the selfish interest of a man (a master)’, was killed in a battle with the military at Kunduga in September.

Like a script, to me it was all planned out, taking advantage of the people’s illiteracy to recruit them into the Boko Haram, with an ideology that its end had already been pre-determined.

Why did the government wait for so long before it decided to negotiate with the Boko Haram sect?

Why let the insurgents maim and kill many innocent Nigerians before it decided that reaching a ceasefire agreement was necessary?

Lessons to learn from the whole ploy of selfish individuals are:

  • Never start what you cannot finish
  • Never make a choice in a hurry because of some bags of money dangled in your face
  • Be sure that the choice that you are making is not a medium of pushing the interest of a master (who you do not know) to its fulfillment.
  • Wisdom is profitable to all that get it. Never go an extra mile because someone says cast your lot with us, you will make more money.

We should all ask ourselves the question: Why fight at all for a cause that will not be achieved in the end?

We should take a thought.


Contributed by Williams Chinedu


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