Muhammadu BuhariThe candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari, has given his opinion on the call for a presidential debate, saying ‘there is nothing to debate about since everyone knows what Nigeria’s problem is’.


  • General Buhari’s was answering reporter’s questions when he made the statement
  • He says Nigeria’s major problems are insecurity, death of the economy literally
  • General Buhari promises free press if elected


Buhari was responding to questions from reporters at a meeting in Abuja on Wednesday.

At the meeting, General Buhari promised freedom of the Media if elected into office on March 28.

He thanked the media for its role of promoting democracy in Nigeria and pledged to honour the Nigerian Constitution and respect the media.

“I want to give you my full assurances that in this democratic dispensation, I will ensure that the Nigerian constitution is upheld. This includes respect for the media, respect for the right to free expression and freedom of speech,” he said.

At the question and answer session General Buhari was asked what his five point agenda was.

He said: “I don’t have a point agenda. APC has a manifesto which I will work in line with. In my meetings around the country, I have realised that the major problems are insecurity, death of the economy literally”.

When asked if he would take part in a debate he said there was nothing to debate about, insisting that everyone knows Nigeria’s problems.

On the issue of a national government, General Buhari said it was an issue that could not be decided by a Presidential candidate.

“It is a serious party issue and must be subjected to thorough discussion,” he said.




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