Written by Segun Dipe
Written by Segun Dipe

General Muhammadu Buhari, presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) was born on December 17, 1942. He is 72 years in 2014. He will be 73 in 2015. Still young to be President of Nigeria! This nonsense about age is also faulted on the grounds that good leadership is not necessarily defined by age. It is also not defined by high learning – PhD and all that. Good leadership is innate divine endowment. But it can also be nurtured at times. From my research (ably assisted by my friend, Okoi Obono-Obla) I list some 15 examples of leaders, both in Africa and abroad who are older – some much older-than General Buhari.Muhammadu Buhari.

Let me start with our neighbour, Liberia, with its great lady president:President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President 2006 at age 70. She was 75 in 2011. She will remain president till 2016. She will be 80 years then.

President Jacob Zuma, South Africa is 72 years old. He will be president till 2019 at 77 years.

Nelson Mandela, born July 18, 1918. President of South Africa in 1994 at 76 years. Still president in 1998 (single term) when he voluntarily stepped down for Mbeki. He was 80 years. If he had served his two terms he would have been 84 years.

President Peter Mutharika, Malawi 74 when he was sworn in on 31 May, 2014. He will be president till 2019 at 79 years.

President Alpa Conde Guinea. President at 76 years. President in December 2011 at 72 years.

President Jose Eduardo Santos, Angola 72 years. He will be president till 2020 at 78 years.

President Abde Bourtefilka, Algeria 77 years. President till 2020 at 83 years old.

Old Presidents
Top: From left; Mandela, Reagan, Mugabe. Bottom row; Museveni, Johnson-Sirleaf, Zeman

President Alasanne Quattara, Ivory Coast 72 years in 2012. President till 2016 at 76 years.

Yoweri Museveni, Uganda, president since 1985 at 70 years won another seven years in 2013 at 77 years, will be president till 2020 at 84.

President Jose Mujiaga of Uruguay 75 at election; reelected and is now 79 years.

President Tedoro Oblang Nguema Mbasogo, Equatorial Guinea; born January 6, 1942 is 72 years and still going on.

President Michael Sata, Zambia 77 years – president September 23, 2011 at 74; will be president till 2016. He will be 79.

President Paul Biya of Cameroon (President Jonathan has obvious fancy for him) is 81 years. He will be in office till 2017 at 84.

President Milos Zeman of Chech Republic is 70 will be in office till 2018 at 74.

President Ronald Reagan; born February 06, 1911. President USA at 70. Two terms of 4 years in 1989 he was 78.”


PS: And the BABA of them all – President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe – born February 21, 1924, elected President for first term in 1980 (34 years ago), still President at 90 years old. We guess Segun was silent on him because of his current ‘controversial’ nature but he remains a hero in the estimation of many Zimbabweans and numerous admirers around the world.

Caveat:This is not an endorsement or otherwise by Newsplus of any of the characters mentioned in this piece.


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