Biden and Trump



• Biden leads President Donald Trump in three different states

• Women in Michigan back Biden up over Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in the battleground states of Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania, according to Fox News statewide registered voter surveys.

Joe Biden is ahead of President Trump

Joe Biden benefits from strong support among women, nonwhite voters, and those living in suburban areas, while Trump suffers from a lackluster performance among men and White voters.

In each state’s head-to-head matchup, the president underperforms both his 2016 vote share and his current job approval rating — and Biden’s edge is larger than the survey’s margin of sampling error.

At the same time, a lot could change between now and the election, which is more than three months away, and many voters are still undecided.

Notably, voters in each of these states can request and return absentee ballots starting mid-September.

A lot could change between now and the election

Women in Michigan give Biden his lead. They back him over Trump by an 18-point margin (53-35 percent), while support among men splits 45 percent apiece. More voters trust Biden on race relations (by 18 points) and coronavirus (+19). The two are roughly even on dealing with China (Biden +2) and handling the economy (Trump +3).

Meanwhile, over half like Biden (53 percent favorable vs. 42 percent unfavorable), and over half dislike Trump (44 percent favorable vs. 54 percent unfavorable). Biden is ahead of Trump by 50-39 percent in the Keystone State.

His advantage grows to 15 points among voters who are extremely interested in the election: 55-40 percent. Overall, 1 in 10 is undecided or backs a third-party candidate. In April, Biden was up by 50-42 percent.


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