planeIslamic State fighters besieging the Syrian town of Kobane on the Turkish border have been targeted by air strikes, reports from the area say.

The BBC reports that warplanes circled through Friday night and that explosions were heard in the early hours.

Kurdish fighters have been defending the town from an advance by Islamic State militants.
There has been no word from the US-led coalition on whether it carried out air strikes in the area.
Kobane has become a flashpoint over the past week, as an estimated 140,000 civilians have fled the town and surrounding area.
Those displaced Kurds have crossed the nearby border with Turkey.
Mark Lowen joined villagers on the Turkey-Syria border watching the fight against IS on Friday.
The situation has been tense, with Turkish troops trying to prevent Turkish and Syrian Kurds crossing the border to help defend the town.
Overnight, the head of the US armed forces said air strikes in Syria were damaging the jihadist group, but said air power alone was not enough to defeat the militants.
On Friday the UK became the latest nation to join the US-led coalition against IS, which controls large swathes of Syria and Iraq after rapid advances in the summer.
MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of air strikes in Iraq, but not in Syria.


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