• US plunge into an ever deeper coronavirus case

• Us hit another daily record of 60,000

• US lead the world in cases death

As the US plunges into an ever deeper coronavirus morass, setting record new infection rates and the death curve begins to rise again, there’s no prospect of the nightmare ending for months.

US in trouble as the virus escalates

Delusion dominates an administration that perversely claims the United States is the world leader in beating this modern day plague. There are only contradictions, obfuscations and confusion from the federal officials who ought to be charting a national course.The massive integrated testing and tracing effort that could highlight and isolate infection epicenters doesn’t exist. Attempts to reopen schools in a few weeks are already descending into farce amid conflicting messages from Washington

US covid-19 cases rise to 60,000 daily

Months into the worst domestic crisis since World War II, there is no sense that a fractured country is pulling together to confront a common enemy. People are still arguing about wearing masks — a tiny infringement of personal freedoms that represents one of the few hopes of easing the contagion. The one federal official who does seem to have answers, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has been banished to the podcast circuit by President Donald Trump, who was on Fox News Thursday night boasting about acing a cognitive test as the US hit another daily record of infections — over 60,000 — on a day on which more than 900 new deaths were reported.

It is unimaginablethat any other modern President would have handled things this way. Most would have thrown every federal government dollar, resource and expert at it. But Trump appears to believe his reelection relies on creating an alternative reality in which tens of thousands of Americans — now mostly in states where he is overwhelmingly popular — are not being infected rather than actually beating back the pandemic.

He keeps insisting falsely that the only reason the US has more cases is because it is doing more testing — raising questions as to whether he truly understands the situation or is being deliberately obtuse. It’s not as if the 132,000 people who have already died would have lived had they not been tested. Meanwhile, the President jets around the country, including to reeling Florida on Friday, flouting social distancing rules and masking guidelines, leaving a trail of infected Secret Service agents, campaign workers and viral spikes — like in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he held an indoor rally. This weekend, he is headed to New Hampshire.

Belated attempts to halt the virus in southern and western states are being hampered by feuds between Democratic mayors who want mask mandates and Republican governors handcuffed by ideology. Mitigation attempts are way behind anyway, after states like Florida, Texas and Arizona sowed a catastrophic wave of illness by ignoring science and throwing open their economies, bars, restaurants and gyms too fast. The price for that haste is not just new infections; there are new job losses in service industries that reopened a few weeks ago amid rampant outbreaks. More are looming in the airline industry with the return to mass travel possibly years away.

US record the highest covid-19 cases recently

Staggeringly, the United States — the world’s richest nation that has just over 4% of the planet’s population — has a quarter of global cases of Covid-19 and nearly a quarter of the deaths. Intensive care units are filling up across southern and western states. It took the US 99 days to reach one million cases, 43 days to get to 2 million and 28 days to add another million. That’s a horrific rate of increase.

In mid-May, in what were then assumed to be the darkest days of the crisis, the US was recording around 20,000 new cases a day. Now it’s averaging around 60,000. America’s competitors in Europe and Asia and the Pacific endured their own horrors, but have largely been more successful in suppressing infection curves. They are swift to isolate outbreaks, for instance, in Melbourne, Australia, where a six-week lockdown has been imposed.




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