There is a blossoming club of radio (and Facebook) commentators whose members specialise in PHD – Pull Him Down. Their terms of reference find expression in one direction; attack the government, attack the President and attack everyone else who dares to reason with them.

I’ve got a message for them:



There they go again….

Calling up the radio just to say something;

And not because they have something to say.


They criticize to minimize people others idolize

They throw huge stones from their glass houses

At a target in a rocky Villa hundreds of kilometres away.


They quote the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation

Yet they lack imagination

They are angels on radio and demons in traffic.


God loves a cheerful giver!

Their car stickers scream

As they speed past stranded neighbours.


Does it sound like it’s you?

Of course, it’s you!

You who is not prudent

When you speak of your President

You who think you know it all

You who feel you have no flaw

You who hits a man on the floor

Rather than help him up.


Yes, it’s of you I speak…..

Knowing how quick you are to kick

At those not in your clique;

When next you pick

your phone to call the radioSHUT UP 2

Or aim your idle fingers at your keypad,

Be sure to speak solution

Rather than sow confusion

Or better still just shut up.

O yes, just SHUT UP!


This poem (with slight modifications) was first published on my Facebook Timeline on 12 July 2012 at 21:06

(From Random Thoughts: A Collection of Essays & Poems by Tony Ekata)

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Thank you.


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