Nigeria police Inspector General, Abba

The Nigeria Police Force has established a committee with the responsibility of preventing and managing communal clashes that have claimed several lives mostly in the north central region.


  • The committee was inaugurated on Monday
  • The committee is expected to bring to an end communal clashes in different parts of Nigeria
  • Members of the committee are top officials of the force
  • The committee was earlier established on October 27
  • Incessant clashes between herdsmen and farmers mostly in the north central part of Nigeria is believed to have triggered the setting up of the committee


The committee, the Nigeria Police Committee on the Prevention and Management of Communal Clashes, inaugurated on Monday by the Acting Inspector-General of Police, (Ag. IGP) Suleiman Abba, was set up on October 27.

A statement by a spokesman for the police, Emmanuel Ojukwu, said the establishment of the committee was the in line with Mr Abba’s commitment to bringing the pervasive communal clashes that have plagued different parts of the nation to an end.

While inaugurating the Committee, the IGP told members to bring their wealth of experience in ensuring that the incidences of communal clashes in the country were brought to a non-pathological level.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The committee was further mandated to encourage and facilitate dialogue among warring parties, conduct mediation meetings with aggrieved parties with a bid to peaceably resolving declared differences, conduct investigation into incidents where necessary and develop and maintain frameworks and processes for the prevention and effective management of communal clashes.

It will also mediate and apply Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to avert clashes and or resolve observed/reported communal disputes before they escalate and conduct assessment of extent of communal clashes within Nigeria and make recommendation to the Inspector-General of Police on the role of the Nigeria Police in providing security and public safety in trouble areas.

The Committee is co-chaired by six Assistant Inspectors-General of Police drawn from six geo-political regions of the country; AIG Christopher Dega, NPM, fwc, AIG Mohamed Jinjiri Abubakar, NPM, fwc, AIG Adeola Adeleke Adeniyi, mni, AIG Felix Osita Uyanna mni, AIG Yahaya Garba Ardo fdc, AIG Mbu Joseph Mbu and CP Rasheed Akintunde who serves as the Committee Secretary.

There have been series of clashes between Fulani herdsmen and some farmers in the north central part of Nigeria and a truce reached some months ago to end the clash had yielded very little in ending the clashes that had claimed several lives.




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