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Photo credit:Mirror.co.uk
  • More than 120 confirmed killed in the series of shootings and explosions in Paris on Friday
  • At least 80 were murdered in the Bataclan theatre and more than 200 injured
  • Islamic State claims responsibility for the attacks in an online statement saying attacks were in response to airstrikes against it
  • Syrian passport found near national stadium
  • Russia says the attacks justify stronger fight against jihadists.
  • French president Francois Hollande calls attacks ‘act of war’ and declares 3 days of national mourning.
  • Prince Charles calls them ‘bestial attacks’
  • South Africa has set up an emergency desk for its citizens and released enquiry contact numbers: SA 012 326 1000, SA Embassy in Paris 00 331 535 92323

Updated story on the terror attack.





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