CROSS OVER NIGHTNigerian leaders should listen to the voice of God rather than heed the unreliable advice of selfish men they surround themselves with.

This exhortation formed part of the New Year message of Brother Joshua Iginla, the founder and senior pastor of one of the fastest growing Pentecostal churches in Nigeria, the Champions Royal Assembly   Kubwa, in the Federal Capital Territory.

In a sermon entitled ‘The Voice of God’, Brother Iginla said leaders are manipulated by ungodly voices like the voice of the biblical Ahitophel who counselled Absalom the son of King David to revolt against his father.

“There is a variety of voices always speaking to us.  Some discouraging, others encouraging; some are directing while others are deceiving.  You must tune your ears to hear the right voice,” the prophet, who prefers to be called ‘Brother’, advised.


Famous for his accurate prophecies, Brother Iginla predicted that Nigeria would go through turbulent times in 2015 but will nor disintegrate or break up because it is held in God’s hand. He called for prayers to avert terror attacks on the Independent National Electoral Commission and a prominent financial institution in Abuja.

He said the 2015 presidential election would be closely contested with the incumbent retaining power but he would need to run an inclusive government and pray against serious health challenges in his family.

The prophet, who last year correctly predicted the qualification of the Zambian national soccer team for the Africa Cup of Nations, also said Zambia’s ruling Patriotic Front would win the January 20 presidential bye-election to replace late Zambian President Michael Sata who died in a London hospital in October last year.

Brother Iginla made a wide range of other prophecies, highlights of which are as follows:

  • Litigation and bitterness will trail the 2015 election with some political assassinations
  • A real opposition party to the ruling party will emerge (Not APC)
  • Sporadic shooting and attack on two prominent churches; one orthodox and the other Pentecostal
  • The death of the wife of a highly respected man of God
  • Military intervention in 2 African countries claiming the life of one leader
  • Prescribed fasting and prayers from February 1-3 against military intervention
  • Fatal plane crash involving prominent politicians
  • A former Nigerian head of government will pass on
  • A spell of chemical weapons attacks in Nigeria
  • There will be a revolution by the youths that will make some old generation leaders to take flight
  • Massive fire outbreak in the city of Lagos
  • Bad news concerning APC chieftain Bola Tinubu and a popular male pop musician
  • Prolonged industrial actions
  • A vision of many hands pulling Russia down; the country’s economic woes will worsen and there will be riots and demonstrations
  • Great stars rising from China and posing a threat to the US
  • There will be an attempt on the life of the Zambian president in March/April
  • Both the Zimbabwean and South African economies will witness a boom
  • US to pray against economic depression and flooding.  Obama should watch his health.  There will be an attempt on his life
  • Passenger plane crash in India
  • Ghana will face challenges but will recover
  • Nigerian soccer will experience restoration. National Team Coach Stephen Keshi will not last in his post
  • Financial breakthrough in Champions Royal Assembly and a harvest of twins for barren women
  • Security operatives in Abuja should not go to sleep
cross over congregation
A cross section of the congregation at the service


The cross over service was preceded by aggressive prayers to shake off the stubborn pursuers of 2014, exhume the blessings of children of God swallowed by the earth and to proclaim and possess the blessings of 2015 in advance. The prophetic session was also punctuated with fervent prayers for God to avert the pending disasters.

There was also a good dose of earth-shaking praise and worship, special numbers rendered by the Prophetic Voices (Church Choir) and boisterous dancing to the Lord.

Candlelight prayers

The service ended with the 15-prayers-for-2015 session conducted by Brother Joshua Iginla and the lighting of candles with which the thousands of worshippers at the church and those following Champions Television live across the world prayed their ways into 2015.

It will be recalled that Champions Royal Assembly marked its 8th Anniversary and groundbreaking of its multi-billion naira new church recently at which Brother Iginla gave car and cash gifts worth millions of naira to some lucky beneficiaries.

NP/Tony Ekata




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