Nigerian ArmyThe Nigerian army on Thursday freed 42 suspected Boko Haram terrorists held in detention, saying they have been cleared after thorough investigations.


  • The freed suspected Boko Haram members were handed over to the Borno State government
  • They were arrested during different military raids
  • The suspects were given 100 thousand Naira (about $625) each

The freed persons were handed over to the Borno State government.

According to the military, three of the 42 are foreigners from Chad, Cameroon and Burkina Faso.

A spokesman for the military, Colonel Sani Usman, who handed the freed Boko Haram suspects over to Governor Kashim Shettima, said they were arrested during various military raids.

Premium Times quoted Mr Usman as saying that each of the freed prisoners was given 100,000 Naira to enable them continue with their normal lives as free citizens.

“We in the Nigeria army will continue to do our best in the ongoing fight against insurgency until we get rid of this problem,” he said.

Another chance at life

Mr Shetima commended the military for its magnanimity.

“We commend the fairness, equity and justice displayed by the Nigeria Armed Forces towards releasing anybody found not to be involved in these terrorist activities,” he said.

“Amongst them are students, tailors, mechanics, provision stores owners and of course, quite a handful of them are drivers. We have a moral obligation to ensure that these young men at this time of their lives are actively engaged. Along this line, I wish to direct the road maintenance agency to include those that are drivers as employed truck drivers, while those that are tailors should be engaged in sewing uniforms for students and pupils in line with our education transformation program.

“Those that are farmers should be given the resources to improve their farming; while the traders would be given some token in addition to what the military gave them to boost their trade. The students among them should be assisted to return to school.”

Some of the freed prisoners had spent from two to three years in detention while some have been held for just few months.

They were full of gratitude to get what one of them, a 300-level student of Chemistry, said was another chance at life.


NP/Premium Times


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