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Inspiration is a catalyst we all need for our various aspirations. We can either get it from others or generate it ourselves. Whichever way, it comes in handy. But why should you wholly rely on people when you can inspire yourself? This is the focus of this article.

In this fast-paced part of the world we live, where almost everyone goes about his own business with unwavering attention, you find that people are less likely to notice your pain. The economic situation of the country coupled with the uncertainty of life has plunged us into a radical frenzy which allows little or no room to care for others.

Academic presence

This mind-your-business attitude is not absent in the academia as students are also bent on amassing good grades (at least the serious ones). This, undoubtedly, is somewhat spurred by the knowledge of the employment competition that awaits them after graduation. In fact, this competition begins while in school. With all these actions which emphasize self, what do you do when the chips are down and you need inspiration but none is forthcoming?

An inspiring story

Someone close once shared with me a real-life experience which instilled in me a lesson that I am certain you will gain from. It was his first year in the university and the first semester results had just been released. He was optimistic, not primarily because he was an optimist but because he was convinced that he had put in enough effort to get good grades.

However, he was taken aback on seeing how poor his performance was. As he stared at the broadsheet he could feel hot tears dangling in his eyes. He picked his way back to his hostel and cried till dusk. While he cried, negative thoughts wafted through his mind, and one of them was the thought of dropping out. The voice said,

“You should throw in the towel; you are not cut out for school

Nobody noticed his plight except for his close friends who had little to say to ignite his fire again. Then, according to him, he spoke to himself and these are a rough sketch of the points he made:

  • I got to this level, I passed my previous exams, and I can overcome this setback.
  • It is just a phase. I tripped; I will get back up again.
  • The grades attached to my name is not me, I can do better. And…
  • My memory is blessed and this blessing will reflect in my subsequent results.

These words inspired him to greatness, they can inspire you too.

Time is ticking

Time is a luxury none of us has the wherewithal to buy in tons so we owe it to ourselves to make the most of it. Have you scrapped your dreams because you faced a setback once or twice? Has financial challenges affected your positive attitude towards academic success? Or have you shifted focus because your peeps say you don’t have swag? The message is simple: inspire yourself and do it now before it is late. Pick yourself up from the rungs of pessimism; elevate yourself to the peak of greatness – where you are meant to be. It is okay to expect care and inspiration from people (especially friends and family) but what if it doesn’t come or it is not enough? Inspire yourself.

Celebrities inspire themselves

The great men and women (and boys and girls) you admire today had similar experiences like you but they surpassed them and are where they are today. Consider the Rambo and Rocky star, Sylvester Stallone. He was a member of an unstable family which eventually disintegrated, his career was punctuated with setbacks all around but he did not allow all these get in the way of his dreams. You have a dream? Do not let the lack of inspiration kill it.

Inspire yourself when no one does.



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