(An Elegy for Emma Ugoji)


A wish here

An emoji there

A prayer shared

To express emotions

That well up against the shock

Unleashed by the sudden exit of a brother,

A lover, a partner, a sister, or a colleague!


Over the past twenty-something years

That the call to duty crossed our paths

You never failed to play your part

Whether in speaking your mind on issues as hot as fire

Or just reaching out to say “Happy Birthday” to a brother.


And now, these will be no more;

Rather, we are left to mourn!


You were made to make impact

Anywhere and everywhere you were

Just as you did only a few days ago

When you joined our media fraternity, the BGF –

Which makes your sudden exit

Without a goodbye

All the more tragic.



A sympathy party cannot bring back the departed;

Yet a word of prayer causes no offence

But brings consolation to those hit by the tribulation

That an unplanned exit like yours foists on relations and friends.


So, while our hearts are with your loved ones

The unknowns about the reaper

Make us shudder and ponder;

Who knows for whom the bell tolls next?


But one thing we know for sure though:

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh

And all glory returns unto the Lord.


May our wishes and meditations oil the wheels

That transport you to the wide blue yonder place

Where we pray the Lord to grant you eternal peace!


From Random Thoughts: A Collection of Essays and Poems

By Tony Ekata


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