Driving against the trafficBy Harriman Oyofo:

There’s nothing as frightening as having a vehicle driving against traffic bearing down on you perilously at full speed in your legitimate lane of travel. It is a most unsettling thing to happen to anyone on the road. One moment you’re at peace with yourself and the world, the next you’re wrestling in utter confusion to stay out of harm’s way. Then you wonder why any sane person would choose to drive that way because it simply doesn’t make any sense. What could be the reasons for such a glaring unsafe act?

Could the erring driver be under the influence of something, like drugs and/or alcohol? Could they be mentally impaired in some way such that making safe and correct choices behind the wheel becomes something impossible to accomplish? Or could it be it is physically beyond them at that moment to tell what is right from wrong? Or could it be that they’re well aware of what they’re doing but just don’t care? What could be the reason for such a dangerous course of action?

What is it? Pressure to deliver on time? Schedule delays? You know, like cutting corners in traffic thinking that by so doing you’ll make up lost time or you’re just a habitual safety rule violator who has no regard for own and others’ safety? Whatever the reasons, they’re not good enough. No one has a right to imperil the lives of other road users.

Driving against oncoming traffic is plain asking for trouble. Serious head-on collisions have been known to occur in the past as a result of such thoughtless disruptive maneuvers with disastrous consequences to all parties involved. It must be said that a certain level of responsibility is expected of every driver.

The fact that you’re considered fit to carry a valid driver’s licence places a heavy burden of care on you although you may not know it. So, when you drive against traffic, you’re in effect telling the whole motoring world that you’re ignorant of the rules, the expectations, the knowledge, the skills, the awareness, the foresight and the consequences of your actions.

In fact, you eloquently advertise yourself as a driver to be avoided, an unsafe driver! A danger to him/herself, a danger to all because you might as well be wielding a fully loaded automatic weapon.

Such drivers should not be allowed on the road. They should be banned from operating motor vehicles wherever found to make for safer motoring in the community and everywhere else.

Driving is no time for fun and games!


Next is a series on safety at home and in the office loaded with life-saving tips. Watch this space.



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