We are a people blessed by God

Most of our hearts are golden

Our land is green

Our rivers are rich

Underground is gold

Solid and liquid gold

With these, life should be simple

If we were a serious people!


Our neighbours are known looters

Our neighbourhoods are unlivable

Despite the bullion billions

Of emperors in our midst

Whom we hail every morning

In cars they bought with our money.

We admit that they are bad

But argue that we’ve had worse

In words that come with price tags.


Our contractors construct roads and highways

High in cost but low in quality

Easily washed away

To unveil their perfidy.


We know them;

They live amongst us

But we look the other way

If they are our benefactors

Our party people

Or our kith and kin.


We are not keen on retribution

For the agents of our tribulation.

In China, to the gallows such evil men go;

In Naija, Government House

They campaign and are campaigned for to go!


We cry for structure instead of character;

Stomach infrastructure is in our character:

For it, we praise our joy-killers

And mock would-be-redeemers!


Our humanity suffers indignities

Our cohesion is fast eroding

Like badly constructed roads.

They’ve put  ethnoreligious swords

To the things that hold us together.

In tatters, we drift apart

Our hearts in our mouths

At home and afield

Afraid of demons from afar

Plundering our people and our lands

Wasting lives and livelihoods!


Our leaders are not aware

Or choose to wear weird miens

That project insouciance

Leaving the people wondering

How they boarded this one chance.


They loathe our schools and teachers

Their children school abroad

They board their ‘private’ jets

And jet to foreign lands

To rest and treat their aches.


And we, the people:

What do we do?

We fight our fellow men

Who dare complain

About this plain anomie.

Like animals, we line the streets

To shout rankadede

And twale when they return

To seek our votes again!


Are we a serious people?


From Random Thoughts: A Collection of Essays and Poems

By Tony Ekata


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