By Issa Itopa Lucky


While Nigerians are still in awe and shock over Justice Tanko’s ‘mathematically impossible’ Supreme Court verdict, Miyetti Allah has decided to, as if in a movie series with many different plots and twists, wade into a rather regional matter, the Amotekun.

The Amotekun is a South-West Nigeria security initiative. The Miyetti Allah,  otherwise known as the Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, has not queried the existence of the Hisbah, which is considered the Northern version of the Amotekun. The Hisbah has been around and very much functional for quite some time now, but rather it is the Amotekun, the Yorubas’ security initiative to protect their region from bandits and marauders, that caught the attention of Miyetti Allah all the way in the North.

What is more intriguing is the Miyetti Allah going as far as telling the South-Westerners to put down the Amotekun idea or risk losing the 2023 Presidency.

Such audacity by the group is incredible. This is indeed a time for the South-Westerners to put party affiliation and existing differences aside and rise to the challenge of defending their region, as insecurity knows no party or side.

By the way, who made Miyetti Allah custodians of Nigeria’s Presidency? Who are the Miyetti Allah to stake Nigeria’s Presidency at all? This is bravado taken too far by the patrons of cattle breeders and such a provoking statement ought to be withdrawn immediately; even if it is a joke, it is a joke taken too far.

The South-West leaders and governors must not be deterred by  such a rather careless statement by the Miyetti Allah. The leadership of the Miyetti Allah must begin to be circumspect while making statements, as Nigeria is not a fiefdom of the cattle breeders association. Nigeria belongs to all, and every region must be allowed to do as it deems fit, within the ambit of the law, without being politically coerced by anybody or group.

If the Miyetti Allah really care about the proliferation of Nigeria’s security apparatus, they should first question Hisbah, which is a state government initiative, and its equivalents in other parts of Northern Nigeria, before pontificating on Amotekun.

NB: Opinions expressed in VIEWSCOPE are strictly those of the writer.


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