Dem born me for Naija

I come do yanga

Like tolotolo

Go Obodo Oyinbo

Where I bin wan kolo.


For there:

Weather no good

No better food

People no kind

Women ……..

Hmmm, make I leave dat.


I love Naija !


Inside Naija:

My pikin na your pikin

Your house na my house

I happy you happy

You cry I cry

Your own na my own.


But outside Naija:

You dey on your own

Your pay na for bills

To piss you go pay

Everything get tax

You dey fear attacks

Naija na wazobia

But there …. xenophobia.


I love Naija!

Original Naija!!


© Tonykata 2019

From Random Thoughts: A Collection of Essays and Poems by Tony Ekata




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