Remember: Nothing is impossible; only the word impossible is impossible

You have seen it all – the glitz and glamour of your dreams unfold before your mind’s eyes. And you have cherished the thought of seeing your dream actualized for as long as you can remember. You see, the thing about dreams is that they never become anything more than what they are if nothing is done to realize them. It is a sorry and sad story for anyone to have dreams that die because they were not acted upon. So the key word to take home is ACTION.

Action in its most basic rendition means doing something or making a move. Bottom line is; something has to be done for it to be said that an action has taken place. In relation to dreams, actions are like the fertilizer that makes them sprout like mustard seeds, actions are like the oil that keeps its wheels rolling smoothly, actions are a proof of your belief in yourself as a requisite for achieving dreams. Dreams are a product of thoughts brought to fruition by actions. Without action dreams remain what they are, as already stated.

Now that we understand the place of action vis-a-vis dreams, it is also important to understand the place of challenges. Challenges are necessary road blocks strategically positioned not to stop you but to facilitate and help create a memorabilia as your success story. So as one that intends to see his dreams come to be, there is a dire need to identify the inevitability of challenges. No athlete goes into a race filled with hurdles unprepared, they go in ready to face them. And so each challenge is faced with deftness and courage.

Mandela free
The iconic Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison to achieve his dream of freedom for South Africans

As interestingly easy as this may seem, knowing that there are challenges to keep you from your dreams doesn’t necessarily mean you know how or when they will come (like the hurdles in a race). They can come at any time, hence the need to always be prepared, but not just that, always be prepared for anything. I don’t think the iconic Nelson Mandela saw the future to know that he’ll spend 27 years in a penitentiary, but he did, all for his dream of freedom for South Africans.

Finally, when all is said and done, and the trophy of your dreams handed to you, or rather, materialized by you…the journey continues. Actualizing your dreams can easily transition to destroying them if care is not taken. So consistency must be emphasized. Now is the time to uphold your dream and ensure it doesn’t falter. Let it become a legacy that lasts for generations beyond yours.

Remember: Nothing is impossible; only the word impossible is impossible. A closer look shows that even the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!

Cheers! To your greatness!

Jude Uchella 2


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